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Use the Kitchen before the Doctor!

Kitchen Medicine Cabinet

This blog talks about curing the root causes of many problems. Consider the costly meds for Neuropathy, Cancer, PAD, Gout, Arthritis, Pain Control, Diabetes, MS, Alzheimer's, or Asthma. For these problems and more, depending on the individual, the root cause can be addressed very cheaply and the problem will either be put into remission or vanished completely.

There are basically three reasons that herbal products will not work for you. By herbal I mean even the spices you take for granted in the kitchen. The reasons are (1) DENIAL. Denial usually works well with this statement or general feeling, "I believe in doctors and I don't believe in herbs." If that thought crosses your mind then all the herbs in the world won't do a thing for you. Your mind must desire to heal. (2) You pay attention to labels, government or pharmaceutical supported sites and you are minimizing your use of the herb, mineral or vitamin. Here is a prime example. If you get your real daily requirement for vitamin D3 and wash your hands once an hour, you are very likely not to get the flu. No money to be made from someone who avoids the flu. So the Government recommends a maximum of 2000 iu per day of D3. Another one is drink your milk to get the D3. Unfortunately, milk has D2 and you must have the correct enzyme to convert it to D3 for the body to use. Only about half the population has the necessary enzyme. Now, consider this: about 15 minutes topless in direct sunlight will cause the skin to produce about 28,000 iu of D3. Do this about 4 times a week and you will have enough D3. Hard to get enough sunshine in the winter. At or near the 45th parallel (New York to Seattle) you need a minimum daily 5,000 iu of D3. More is better. Sounds like a lot but 9,000 iu of D3 pills fill a teaspoon. (3) POLLUTION. Whether it is environmental or absorbed, pollution can prevent some herbs, oils, minerals or vitamins from working. It could be drugs, alcohol, smoking or bad air you are breathing, pollution can block the benefits of these helpful items. If pollution is a problem take 400mg capsules of ginger three times a day until the herb works. 

There are so many ways to help medicate yourself and many times do this without leaving the average kitchen.
My favorite all time medication in the kitchen is usually found in the fridge. It is French’s bright yellow mustard. To make it bright yellow, French’s added herbs. These herbs control muscle and joint pain, or pains in general. If you have over-done it and expect to be sore in the morning, take two heaping teaspoons before bed. Then you wake up in the morning pain free. If you are in pain, any pain, take two heaping teaspoons and within usually two hours, you have no pain or at least reduced greatly. If you are a woman planning on getting a mammography, take two heaping teaspoons an hour before going in for the compression. You will come out of it with a whole lot less pain. Do you have a toothache? Take two heaping tablespoons, and let it swish around the bad tooth before swallowing. Pain usually goes away in 15-20 minutes.
Now this you may have in your kitchen, but you would be better off if you buy a kit for making your own capsules. Most herbal stores have the inexpensive devices to compress the ingredients into the capsules and the capsules themselves are cheap. So what would you compress into these capsules from the kitchen? Let us start with cayenne. It is the spice for making good chili and other “warm” foods. When compressed into a capsule and taken, it fortifies the arterial walls and causes the body to produce capillaries at over 100 times faster than the body normally makes them. Do your fingers and toes get chilled easy in the winter? Then you do not have enough capillaries circulating blood in your hands and feet. Do you have neuropathy or PAD? Take several cayenne capsules a day with plenty of water and get rid of the problem. Do you have water retention in your legs? Do you have gout? Take the cayenne. You just need better blood circulation to pull it out. Do you have kidneys with problems? Take the cayenne. Do you have stomach ulcers and other intestinal problems? OK, maybe you believed in doctors and had stomach problems and you got the little purple capsules to take. You take them and feel better, but eventually you have to take them again because stomach medications like the little purple one cut off stomach acid production which means that any food you eat will not be broken down into its molecular bits to be absorbed by the villi in the intestines. The larger bits of food will plug up the villi. You are starving yourself. Doctors do not call it purple crack for nothing. You get dependent on it and get sicker in other ways that the doctor can make other prescriptions for. Forget the meds and take the cayenne. The cayenne will also clean the villi so you can absorb nutrients again. Just drink plenty of water.
I like cinnamon toast, so I have cinnamon in the kitchen. Cinnamon also heals the pancreas. It makes the pancreas work better at producing the correctly folded molecules of insulin. As long as the cinnamon is in the blood stream, the pancreas is making new cells to handle the insulin. Want to keep those new cells? Well, you need to feed them. The way to feed the new cells so they stay around is to add cayenne to the cinnamon. Then the pancreas makes new cells and the cayenne makes new capillaries to feed them. It is that easy and inexpensive.

AMERICAN LINDEN: What is your tree good for?
My wife went to a low cost clinic after months of eating only cream of mushroom soup and was eventually told two things: (1) your gall bladder is only working at 10%, is diseased and needs to be removed, and (2) since you do not have health insurance we need $32,000 to do the surgery. You can bet that was a dark day in her life. It was also the last time she believed in doctors. I told her I could heal her if she wanted healed. I went into the back yard and cut small twigs off of the American Linden Tree. The twigs with new bark and small leaves contain the medicine. I ground them up and put them in capsules. She started taking the capsules full of "tree" from the back yard and within a few days she was able to eat more foods. In a week she was having no more pains, and in a month her gall bladder was working just fine. This is a case of taking care of nature, because you may need nature to take care of you. Encapsulated American Linden is good to apply to a host of upper and lower GI problems. Mix cayenne and Linden and you have one very good medication.

Something you should keep in your kitchen but likely do not is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Extra Virgin just indicates how the oil was extracted. It was extracted with pressure only, and no chemicals were used. Would you believe that between bananas and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil you would have all the nutrients you need to be alive? The banana is an enigma by itself. It is the perfect human food. The pealing contains anti-cancer compounds. It can be found throughout the tropical regions even in the most remote of areas and islands, and some variations of the banana that are more cold tolerant have spread beyond the tropics. But bananas have no seeds and are difficult to transplant by root. Go figure. In the northern latitudes it is hard to grow bananas. But there is a secondary fruit that is indiginous to North America that has the same chemistry and flavor as the banana. It is the Paw-Paw. All other fruit trees came from other parts of the world. In the case of the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, there are many things it can do for you. Let me name a few: Should be a major part of any weight loss routine, reverses or cures the following: dementia, Alzheimer’s, Asperger’s syndrome, ADD (and similar letter combinations referring to attention) and MS. You need to take it at the rate of two tablespoons every eight hours. It only stays in the body for eight hours and any more than two tablespoons, unless you are overweight, may go to waste. What it does for you is rebuild brain synapses, replace nerve cells, replace lost nerve cells, and replaces the myelin coating that protects the nerves. There is currently no word on whether it helps with spinal injuries, but it should. It contains the sequential molecular chains needed to unlock fat cells. It keeps the body from shedding the three important items that a majority of Americans are low on: vitamin D3, Chromium and Magnesium. This means that if you build these up to the levels your body needs, you are more likely to be able to maintain these if taking the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. What your body needs is not necessarily what the USDA levels on the bottle say they are. It is an individual thing. Most of the minimum levels printed are chosen to keep you needing meds.
There are other good things to know that are not directly related to the Kitchen. One is that anytime you have indigestion, besides a cayenne capsule, take some Acidophilus. There are very few indigestion problems or Irritable Bowl Syndromes that several acidophilus tablets will not cure. Taking any other thing like the pink stuff, Tums or Rolaids, you are making the problem worse by just pushing it down the intestinal tract further. Once again, they reduce the acid content of the stomach causing all the problems listed way above. Anytime you are put on antibiotics take several acidophilus each day you take the antibiotics and then for a few more days past that. Antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria in the body and the bad ones come back faster unless you are supporting the good ones. If you are a woman with vaginal yeast infections, it means the bad bacteria are in charge. Before the next yeast infection start taking the acidophilus, within a few a days you will have no more infections. Just keep it up periodically.

Another thing Cayenne is good for is more and more important these days. Anyone with a heart condition or the elderly are being prescribed massive amounts of blood thinners. When these people trip or fall and cut themselves, even a little, it bleeds profusely and not even direct pressure will slow the bleeding; however, if you carry a small jar of cayenne with you and whether you are that patient or just a bystander, dump it on the wound, cover with gauze & tape and it will seal immediately and heal properly. (Remember, cayenne in the blood produces capillaries which is how we heal.)

If you have elderberries in your region it is an excellent idea to spend a weekend in the summer to pick and freeze some. The skin of the elderberry is a very potent virus killer. So if you or a family member catches a virus, just make some elderberry flap jacks. In my case, I have elderberry syrup ready every year. I just shake it to get the skin flakes in every pour.
If you have usnea in your area, gather it in the Fall, and use to make tea in the winter. One cup of usnea tea a week keeps away the rhinoviruses, all of them, and strep. Don’t know usnea? In some areas it is called witches hair and in other areas called old mans beard. It is grayish-black hairy and hangs from trees, usually conifer trees. When you make the tea, drink it straight. If you add any sweeteners or sugar substitutes it will destroy the benefits of the tea. When you make the tea, bring your water to a boil with green tea bags in it. Once at a boil, turn off and take off the burner. After it has cooled for ten minutes, add a wad of usnea and let it soak until cool. Strain and put in jars and store in the fridge. Bring out one cup per person once a week and heat on the stove until warm. Do not boil. Usnea contains enzymes just like yogurt and you don’t want to kill them. In the body they support the immune system totally. If you are going to take the usnea for something you already have, like a cold or strep, then take no more than two cups a day and no more than six cups a week—it is simply that strong. It is a natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial. If you take the usnea insure you also take two or three tablets of Acidophilus every day you are taking the tea.

Usnea has many, many uses. Here is one I want to share with you, especially young women. Remember it is antibacterial? Remember it hangs like long hair from evergreens? In a pinch you can weave it together, like a multi-braiding, and use it for a menstal pad that will fight off any infections. It is extremely sanitary.

My bride has athsma. When we married she moved in with what looked like half of a pharmacy. I got her off of the big pharma meds and on to just a handful of herbal type products. For her asthma she takes two 500mg tablets of L-Arginine a day and says her asthma is better controlled now than ever before. She used to be in the ER twice a year for breathing problems. Now it has been 6 years since she has had any major problem, and just a few times a year we hear that "cough" and I run out to the porch and grab a few mint leaves for her to chew on and no asthma problems develop.

She also has Rhumatoid Arthritis seemingly in every joint. For that she takes Standardized Cat's Claw. Has to be the standardized version. She has no arthritic pains. Well, not entirely true, some weather events will trigger that "arthritic strain" feeling that precedes a crippling event, and she just takes some French's Mustard to stop it.

Everyone in the US, except for nudists, are low on Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). You need to take 3000 iu to 5000 iu supplement every day. You will hear many fancy doctors publishing articles about how nobody needs the sunshine vitamin. (sunshine on the skin produces Vitamin D3 via many chemical steps) The Vitamin D in milk is D2 and if you do not have the correct enzymes to change it to D3 it does you no good. Only about half the humans on earth have the necessary enzymes. The reason the mainstream medical establishment stomps on Vitamin D3 so much is that if your levels are up where they should be, you cannot get the flu and colds are seldom or not at all. Vitamin D3 supercharges your immune system. More in just a few paragraphs.

A lot of people do not like Lysol Disinfectant Spray. Some people do like it or just use it for spraying dark damp areas, like the laundry hamper when empty. Anyone who gets athletes foot infections should keep the spray on hand. All the commercial treatments say things like "WILL CURE IN JUST ONE WEEK!" Well, if you get a touch of athletes foot, spray the Lysol on your feet/toes until it drips, put on a sock, go to bed, and when you get up in the morning the problem is gone. Anytime you are dealing with a fungus infection, the Lysol spray will cure it in just hours. Getting the fungus under the toe nails? Mix Lysol liquid cleaner with a bit of flour to make a yucky paste and put on the affected nails. Cover with a big bandaid over the pasted nails and then a sock and retreat until the toe nail fungus is gone. In all fungus cases, be sure to use the Lysol spray inside your shoes and slippers, and also in the shower around the drain where the fungus likes to hide.

I have decided to add a little section here, All about Cancer. Everyone panics at that word, Cancer. But there are a few things you can easily do that make a big difference.

Right away you want to alter the pH of your body's fluids. Cancer loves your bodily fluids to be slightly acidic. If you get the papers and test your blood or saliva, if perfectly healthy your pH will be 7.1 or higher. If you have cancer or precancerous condition the pH will read 7.0 or less meaning acidic. You want to fight the cancer or the spread of the cancer by getting your bodily fluids into the base region, 7.1 or above. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda (SODA not powder) into an 8 oz glass of warm water. Do this once a day, and when you do, there will be a lot of belching, which is good for you. The cancer can spread throughout the body if it is slightly acidic. So it is better to take the baking soda daily to prevent the spread.

Everything in the body works better with enough vitamin D3. To take 10,000 units a day is a good start and should also be the minimum you take. If it is summer with a lot of sunshine, be as scantily clad as possible and step out into the sunshine for 10 minutes, every other day. This will give you a natural burst of 20,000 units of D3. Chemo works a lot better if you continue taking the D3 during the chemistry. The doctor will say no, but the AMA says yes. By the way, even at the low level of 6.000 units a day and washing your hands regularly all day long, you will avoid getting the flu.   

Stevia is the latest in natural sweeteners; however, there is some sweet news to go with it. You can buy processed stevia in the stores, or with plant sales you can buy the plants. You really want the plants. Chew on two leaves a day and it will quickly destroy breast cancer.

If I think of more easy health fixes, I will remove this sentence and add them. Contact me at rmattwho@yahoo.com and put Kitchen Fixes in the subject line.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Short Story Memories

No Other Place for Miscellaneous

While I am spending this winter not yet working, I am catching up with my writing. Many times I will write about a topic and have more than just this blog to put it in. For instance, when my wife and I saw a possible UFO I wrote it up and posted here and the national UFO register, allowing others to decide for themselves what it was. Some things like my Fish & Game research, like the Wolf Knows, would only be posted here, but I send copies out to people who may have missed the real impact of the true knowledge. However there are some things that are a part of my life that simply have no place to be other than here, and are so strange that it might scare people here too. Just keep in mind these short items are something that I lived through or experienced. Something real to me and therefore a part of the total of whom I am. “Cognito Ergo Sum, We are the sum total of our experiences…”

The Bedroom Visitor

One afternoon when I lived in Santa Anna, southern California, I decided to do some reading and went to the bedroom, propped up some pillows and began reading the first book in the "Illearth" series. After a while I began feeling like I was being watched, even though I knew I was alone in the apartment.

I dropped the book down slowly and standing at the foot of the bed was a girl in a bright red dress and she appeared to be about eight or ten. She looked similar to my daughter at that age and likely was. I started to ask her the silly question of "who are you?" and she took some steps backward and backed up towards the wall on my right. When she got to the dresser, she backed into it and totally vanished. It was a new and tall dresser. So it must have actually been the wall she was moving to.

I had seen dark shapes moving around in haunted houses, and I had seen the glowing globes move around in old buildings before. But a full view of a girl looking as solid as you or me and then vanishing?! I was shaken for quite a while. I saw a ghost of a girl in an apartment complex that was only about 20 years old. I can assure you, ghosts do exist.

The Only Stranger

In all my life I have seen this only once. I am a people watcher which is really good to help build profiles of characters for writing fiction. In September of 1982 I was in the Navy and had just rented a small apartment in downtown Vallejo, California. From the apartment it was a five block walk to a park along a finger of San Pablo Bay. One late afternoon I was walking from my apartment on Georgia Street west towards the bay. When I got to the intersection of Georgia Street and Sacramento Street I was walking along the north side of the intersection. On the light I crossed the street to the northwest corner and paused to look around. My attention was immediately drawn to a man standing on the southeast corner of the same intersection. There were many people walking around the intersection including a lot of auto traffic surging with the red and green of the stop lights. Even when you now play games online, the characters are programmed with ever so slight movement, even when standing still, to imitate reality. This man I saw seemed to be in his late 50’s by appearance and the way he was dressed, but he was distinctly not moving. I could not see that he was breathing, nor was there ever a shuffle of his feet. His eyes were unblinking and his hands unmoving. Many people were walking past him, or more correctly around him completely. You know that thing about we all have “space” around us that we do not like to have entered unless by someone we know? Well the space around this man was three feet in any direction, and unthinkingly, people were giving him exactly that much space as they moved around him on the sidewalk. I have been using the term “man” to identify this person, but I remember that a different term came to mind at that time. It was vampire. He definitely was not an average person, not even close. As I watched him his gaze was somewhat to the northeast of where he was standing. When the thought came to me “vampire,” his gaze slowly changed smoothly from what he may have been looking at, directly to me. He made eye to eye contact taking my breath away. I was frozen in place staring at him and it seemed nothing else existed. There were just his cold dark steady eyes looking into mine. I have no idea how much time went by like this, but suddenly he was gone. Think of it. Cold dark unblinking eyes staring into yours, locking your attention and then no eyes, no man and no comfortable feelings. I decided to rush back to my apartment. I am sure I slept with an extra pillow over my head that night for safety. Was he just an elderly gentleman who seemed different, or something else? You decide. I saw him and he was real just as I have written it here. These kinds of memories just won’t shake loose from the mind. He was the only real stranger I have ever seen.

Who am I?

I suppose many people wonder about that. For me, it seems just as important as ‘What’s for dinner?” important, to be sure, but not that important. Along the way I have been given some small clues, and some really strong clues. I have some memories that go back to age 2. At age 3 my grandmother started training me about the earth force and herbs. At age five my first father died. In the second grade my favorite book was House Wiring Diagrams and Regulations for the United States. I loved that book and still remember a lot of the content. In the fourth grade I would go to the city dump and collect discarded radios. At that time it was all vacuum tubes. I would use good tubes from one radio to fix another then take the good radios door to door selling them for a dollar. That supplemented my ten cents a week allowance. In high school my allowance was twenty- five cents a week for doing chores before and after school like feeding chickens and slopping the hogs, and I supplemented my allowance by fixing radios and TV’s. Back then most people still had black and white Portable TV’s, meaning they were on a stand that could be rotated around to point to the living room or the kitchen for all three channels.
At high school graduation in Emmett, Idaho, it was war time. President Johnson had just cancelled tuition assistance for poor farmboys like me. That meant with the draft, every young man without money for college would go into the military, generally for a one way trip to Viet Nam. The year was 1967. To avoid the draft, at age 17 my mother signed me up for the Marines in an aviation program. During my Marine years and later Navy years, many times my life would be in danger and sudden things would happen to prevent problems. People shot at me and missed or hit my radio equipment. A group of young men with knives surrounded me and a patrol jeep suddenly showed up. Things like that happened all the time. In 1998 I was stung by a bald faced hornet and totally reacted to the venom. Within 10 minutes my heart stopped and I died. I was running into the light and a woman appeared and stopped me. She said “it’s not your time yet, you have much to do.” I always thought family would meet you at the light, but I had no clue as to who this person was. Two years later, at the age of 50, I found out I had been adopted.
During all this time I had many considerable psychic abilities. Since I died, these abilities have continued to improve. I know now that I am an Indigo Adult. Although I do not know my future, I know that I will be ready when the time comes. My ability to heal with a touch is coming back to me.