Friday, January 9, 2015

The case for Alternative Physics

Men in Black do exist.

The time was a warm August evening in 1966. I lived on the bench ten miles from Emmett, Idaho in an area called Hanna. Often in the summers I would ride my bicycle the 18 miles to a friend’s house that was just 3 miles downstream on the Payette River from the Black Canyon Dam. Usually we would get on the HAM radio at night send out our CQ’s and 88’s. This one August night was very different. Both of us grounded in science with insatiable curiosity, we started work on Einstein’s Unified Field Theory.

At the time I was looking forward to my Senior year at Emmett High School. I already had enough credits to graduate but at that time Idaho did not allow early graduation. The one class designated as a “Senior” class was US Government. I tried really hard to take that course in my Junior year, but instead had to settle for a Study Hall period. So, I spent that study hall period, for the entire year, trying to design a computer that would play checkers. I was a bit ahead of time because microchips had not yet been invented. A gated “node” chip had been invented and I built a simple game out of that. The gated nodes just did not seem to do enough for me in designing a checkers game. Well, back to the Unified Field Theory.

Einstein believed in a few things that were his undoing. (1) The universe should not expand, (2) Electricity and Gravity must be linked directly with mathematics, and (3) Mathematics was a pure and ultimate tool. Sometime just before midnight we found a flaw in his math. It was not a noticeable flaw, but a flaw none the less. Expanding on this flaw with a new kind of math, by 1AM we came up with a model that did two things: (1) proved special relativity worked beyond the real world and into the nuclear (Quantum) world, and that the speed of light, as a speed limit could be easily broken. I remember our shared comment at the time: “Einstein must be turning over in his grave by now.” According to the model time and space could be warped at a special relativity point and greater than light speed was attainable. I am certain that because all of the science community later said that the concepts of Star Trek were impossible, I knew it could be done. So I found a way. What I found wrong with the math was simple and you can prove it to yourself. Math is not a pure tool. It is full of real world errors. Reach out to touch something. Before you touch it remember that the motion of your finger from start to touch, you must travel half the distance. In what is left of that distance, you must travel half of that. The half of what is left and half then half… if you do this test, and understand it, then you can see that in theory, we cannot touch anything. In reality, of course, we can touch anything we choose by just doing it. Thus the math was not pure and it did not reflect reality. At this time we decided to set up our sleeping bags near the old oak tree outside, look at the stars and get some sleep.

I could not release the new concepts we had just discovered. At one point I got up and stepped out an application of the new math theory. I think looking up at the stars went a long way towards sorting out the new ideas. The following day I headed home and my new theory went on a back burner but never forgotten. For a few years my favorite saying kept cropping up: Whenever you plan your life, reality gets in the way. I planned on college, but I did not have money for it. Instead, after graduation from high school I entered the US Marines, working in Aviation Electronics. Later, I crossed directly into the Navy, working as an Aviation Electronics Technician on secret aircraft. The EA6B airplane by Grumman was a great challenge. In the meantime, I was still working on my theory of alternate physics. This alternate physics predicted far different results than mainstream physics. I had divided down the photon into eight “units” and had the math needed and a model to prove that a photon is also a magnetic line of force. There was much more to the theory than that. At the time I belonged to AAAS, the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In May of 1979 AAAS was going to have open posting of peer reviewed papers at their annual meeting. In other words, if you had some kind of idea to share, get someone to look it over, sign a paper saying it had merit, and it would be posted at the meeting. I was friends with a lieutenant in the EA6B squadron I was in and he had a degree in physics. So I typed it up, asked if he would do a peer review and that was it. He said he would look it over.

At about 8PM on the day I gave the paper to the Lieutenant he called me all excited and said he would give my paper top comments and asked if he could share it with others. I said that was OK, and that was the last I heard from him. Who he shared the paper with was the Commanding Officer (CO) of the squadron who had a Masters in Physics and a secret background within the military complex applying his physics knowledge.

The next morning I could not find the Lieutenant and no one had heard from him. At about 10AM a message came to me to go see the Commanding Officer. As I entered his office, I knew something was up. The CO was sitting in his seat at the desk, and flanking him, one on each side, were two men over six feet tall, built like football linebackers, and in pure black suits with black ties. They glared at me and said nothing. The CO asked if that was my paper, flashing the document I had given the Lieutenant. I said yes and he told me it was trash, I should not explore it any further, and he ordered me not to mention it again to anyone. At that same time some federal marshals were at my house removing all my paperwork and the ink tape from my typewriter. That is exactly how you make the case for an alternate physics theory. When the CO realized what was in my paper, and determined it was dangerous knowledge, the Lieutenant was ordered to pack his bags and was taken off the base. No one ever heard from him again and no way of knowing where he was sent to. My guess would be that he now had the knowledge needed to work at Area 51.

The next step in any theory is to transfer theory to application. Much like converting the theory formula E=MC2 to an atomic bomb, my theory needed to be converted to some physical reality that would prove it. A few years ago I put the finishing touches on just how to do it. Now, all I need to do is win the lottery and build it.