Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oregon City Lights

On Saturday, 2nd August 2008, Anna & I drove from home in Idaho to Oregon City to visit with my sister and brother-in-law. My sister has a trailer for camping and when we go to visit the trailer, parked beside the house, becomes our bedroom.

We went to bed and after a while I began having some sinus problems
and got up to work on the problem. I decided it was time for some fresh
air and stepped outside and was soon joined by Anna checking to see
if I was ok. From the front door of the trailer we could see some stars
but decided to move to the other end of the trailer where the view was

Clear starry night, some light pollution since we were in a city, but
because it was 1:30am all was quiet and the stars were plentiful. We
saw an airplane off in the distance traveling northwest with the
navigational strobe lights flashing and it soon ranged out of sight.
Then we saw another airplane approaching from the south with
headlights on as planes do for night landings, and the Portland airport
was about 20 miles due north. At first I had a feeling that the airplane
was not quite "right" but did not think too much about it. As we watched
it approach closer to us from the south, I thought "those landing lights
are really bright." Indeed, single lights could not be seen but the whole
front of the plane facing us was lit up with very intense beams. As the
plane moved through the sky it was eclipsing stars--as it came between
us and a star the star of course would vanish, then reappear as the
plane moved on.

Then it happened. The very bright lights of the plane, in two second
steps, began fading. Fade, fade, fade...step at a time until no lights
were on. All this while, and this was most interesting, the plane slowed to
a stop. Once the headlights were completely out, we saw that there
were no navigation lights flashing. The plane had completely vanished
from the sky, at least no lights to say it was there. Also, no stars were
being eclipsed in any direction from where it stopped and turned off the
lights. About 30 seconds after the lights were completely out, there was
a quick small flash, smaller than the outline area of the plane, and then
it actually vanished. Actually vanished because the starlight it blocked
now shown through and no star eclipses were in any direction from that

Plane? I don't think so.


Buffalo said...

An odd thing. What's your take?

crazy kid said...

interesting. how often have you seen such events like this i recently saw a series of lights that moved in patterns that could not have been aircraft and at speeds that were extreamly fast they moved about and ran into eachother and dissapeared and reapeared somewhere else i was to far away to see any craft though but there were others who saw the event frome close up. this was my first UFO.

Donna said...

This is an incredible story! The way you described the sighting made me feel like I was right there. Plane? I don't think so, either. It is great that you have the blogspot and can document these events! Enjoyed reading this!