Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today comes right after tomorrow

When I graduated from High School I sent off papers to various colleges, various companies, and the Marines. I figured the first answer would be good enough. The last few graduating classes were soon accompanied by funerals with flags. The Marine recruiter showed up first, my Mother signed for me and soon I was in the Marines. I’m not too fond of 1967. But it made me pay too much attention to the world.

During the last ten years I have noticed the world has been overflowing and pouring into my life. Cable TV, Internet, and social organizations have all been lightning conduits for an overload of information about the world. I could ask any neighbor the current status of Lohan or their opinion of the secret second deep well in the Gulf and the only response I would expect would be “you don’t know?”

Now I see the world, the greater world I have tried to hard all these years to ignore. Not just the world now, but the world of the future. Now, I see the wars in peacetime, the nation going broke, people living on the streets, 20% of all the kids in this nation and other modern nations listed as starving, and greater amount in all other nations. I am aware of severe drought in all the grain producing nations of the earth except North America and that Iran gets one super tanker of fresh water from Sweden every day so they can stay alive.

For the future world we are being faced to look at, all the entitlement programs are running out of money over the next few years and the price of potato chips is going up. How do we determine what is important in the future or are they all tied together? We now live on the edge of several possibilities for the future and no way to know which are important or whether they all start tomorrow or The Day After. Wars lead to wars and rhubarb is best given to the neighbors.

We seem to have this 2012 thing to worry about now. The year 2012 by itself will be a boring year. It is what other people do with it that will be dangerous for all of us. A lot of religious people all over the world want it as an excuse to start the great religious war. This will be at a time when so many of the humans on this earth are “enlightened.” The Indigo Adults are just now applying pressure to their environments and the Crystal Children are now controlling all the people they can reach from their self imposed cells. This all creates a feedback loop across history. People who are aware of what can happen are sending that information to sensitive people in the past. Many of those in the past wrote down their notes of what they see in the future. Much of what is seen now and sent back is untrue. The real big problem is that it can all be a self fulfilling prophecy. I expect mother earth to tire of our over abundance and take measures to fix the problem.

Life is sweet—as long as no one has ants in the pants.

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