Friday, November 19, 2010


August 2010

It was that story on the History Channel about the “rods” found by cameras. It was 1994 and Jose Escamilla's story was big news. While filming parachutists jumping into a deep, vertical cave near San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Mark Lichtle who is a professional cameraman noticed the rods when playing back his film in slow motion. Lichtle saw numerous rods darting in and out of the frame and flying around the base jumpers as they fell through the air. Articles you may read will say the rods have been found in every country, in different geological areas from swamps to deserts, and I know they are in Idaho. If you read anything that says they do not exist, just ignore those people.

Not too long ago a local business caught fire. It was a pallet refurbishing company so the fire was great. We heard the sirens and went out on the porch looking south. Using Google Earth ™, the distance from our house to the wall of smoke was 920 feet. The burning pallets were just to the right (or west) of our line of sight. The wind was blowing due east at about 15 mph. Since it was late evening and dark, the smoke was well lighted from the burning wood. While we watched, something plowed through the burning embers and smoke from the west at a great speed and vanished once it was out of the smoke to the east. The object was traveling fast, but not so fast that we couldn’t see it.

Once again, using Google Earth ™ to make angular measurements, determine distances, and where the travel of the object was located, I came up with these facts. The Rod was traveling from west to east at a distance from us of 920 feet. We saw it for three seconds. It was traveling at about 50 mph. . My guess is, and it makes sense, the rods travel much faster in the sunlight than in the dark. The Rod was about 10 feet long and was a cylinder at about one foot diameter and with rounded blunt ends. It clearly had three sets of fins. They were not wings but had more the appearance of vibrating fins, one set within a foot of each end and one set in the middle. The Rod appeared from the right side of our view and on the left side of our view the smoke dimmed and was rising more vertically. The Rod was clearly distorting the smoke as it passed through it, and staying level at about 40 feet off the ground. The Rod exited the smoke and vanished. Without the smoke it was entirely invisible. It flew level and with a constant speed. My wife and I spend many nights in our chairs outside looking at the stars. At no time have we ever seen a Rod, but I think now they are there.

Sighting location: 43º 43’ 16” N , 116º 42’ 43.5 W or 4.6 miles NNW of Caldwell, ID.

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